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What is agility?

Agility has been an activity that has gained a following from the early 70's

Agility is a fun activity where the dog is guided by the handler around a course which has a series of jumps and obstacles.  There is a maximum of 20 items in a course.  If an agility round is part of a competition, then there is a judge that marks faults and you are timed around the course.  The dog and handler with the fastest time and minimum of faults wins.

When you first start competative agility, you are in Grade 1.  You can eventually win up to Grade 7 and championship level.  

There are two types of course you can run, one called Agility this has contact equipment in the course such as A frame and see-saw as well as jumps, the other one is called Jumping and this has only Jumps and weaves in the course.

if interested please register interest to training@midcornwalldtc.co.uk

This is one of our club members An example of an Agility run